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How It Works

We’ve partnered with the best local restaurants to deliver a whole new kind of immersive food & cocktail (select locations) experience directly to your door.


Each meal becomes a 60-minute interactive Halloween mission full of surprises to play and win. With 1 - 6 players you can battle demons or join the vampire revolution.


Prizes aren't just for kids' meals anymore. Beat any Bite mission meal and win loot from our prize shelf or free food from restaurants in your neighborhood. Conquer a #GetTrickOrTreated mission below and win a bonus prize delivered to you instantly. Will your mystery delivery be an awesome treat or a memorably spooky trick? Check out recent winners

The Treats

Complete your mission, and win a killer treat.

The Tricks

Beware! You could also win a spooky trick delivered by a real life Vampire!* Yes… we’re serious.

*LA Vamps only. Tricks & treats in Philadelphia are delivered digitally in your Bite app. Limit one order per night per household.

The Missions
Welcome to the Vampire Revolution

Vampire.Pizza Chapter 1Welcome to the Vampire Revolution

It's the eat, play & win delivery experience that started it all. Calling all Vamps! Belle is using an underground network of pizza delivery pros to recruit for the vampire revolution. Open her secret message hidden in your order, create your vampire character and play together to complete her rigorous trials while you eat! This episode contains challenges of various difficulties so there's something for Vamps of all ages.

Great for:

  • Vamps of all ages
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The Case of the Missing Vamp

Vampire.Pizza: Chapter 2The Case of the Missing Vamp

Travel back through the roaring 20's and beyond to help Belle find a great vampire and old friend that's gone missing. Finding her is the only way for Belle to save herself and jump start the vampire revolution. Discover the leader's secret identity, and recruit her back to the cause.

Great for:

  • Vampires 10+
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The Maleficar's Lexicon

A Codename Burg3r CrossoverThe Maleficar's Lexicon

A demonic book known as the Maleficar’s Lexicon has gone missing, and the clandestine Bureau for the Unexplained & Non-Normal needs your help retrieving it. If this terrible tome falls into the hands of a demon worshiper, then say goodbye to Halloween forever my friends. We need your brainpower to help us crack who has the Lexicon, and where they’re hiding it. But be warned, this mission is gonna get a little spooky.

Great for:

  • Demon slayers 13+
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What comes in my delivery?

Eat, play & win delivered all-in-1 to your door. Each order comes with your meal, as well as a top secret dossier envelope containing the game pieces you need to completely transform eating at home and win. Inside, find the immersive evidence to solve the mystery, search for Easter eggs and hidden loot, and interact with the characters via video, audio and SMS messages. Does your crew have what it takes to win top shelf prizes, awesome experiences & free food from restaurants in your neighborhood?

Where are you located?

We’re currently serving the Los Angeles and Philadelphia area. Want to see if you’re within our delivery radius? Input your zip code when prompted after clicking “order now” to find out. If you’re outside our delivery radius, that's no problem. You can alway pick up.

How do I place an order?

You’re in the right place, my fanged friend. Simply click “order now” above and follow the instructions to select a mission, pick food for each player (or select a sample so your coven has choices when they arrive) and make your delivery or pick-up reservation.

Is this appropriate for all ages?

We have missions that are specifically designed for families with vampires aged 6 to 6000. Due to the difficulty of other games, some are better for covens with teens and older. They're all labeled as such.

How many people can play?

Each mission can be played with up to six people, or as few as one. Feel free to divide the challenges and conquer, or take on the task solo. 

What do I need to play?

Our missions are mobile first experiences full of video, audio and text interactions. To play, you’ll need at least one SMS-enabled device. All other puzzle pieces are included with your delivery.

Do you have vegan or gluten free options?

Many of our locations offer vegan and gluten free options. Check under “customize your meal” to see what's available in your area.

How long is the experience?

It tends to depend on the amount of people you decide to play with, but the typical runtime is around one hour. 

I can win prizes? Tell me more!

Bite missions are eat, play & win year round, and every group who completes a Halloween mission successfully receives a #GetTrickOrTreated prize opportunity from our shelf. These could be BiteCoins you can redeem towards more food, games and prizes, tickets to some of Halloween’s hottest events in your city, or even a surprise trick or treat delivery experience from a real life vampire! Note: #GetTrickOrTreated instant prize deliveries are made available via the same method as the original order (pickup or delivery to original address) during business hours, or, for tickets or other VIP experience packages, digitally.

What is BiteCoin?

Go out on missions to win & discover hidden BiteCoin rewards. BiteCoins are redeemable in BiteApp for prizes from our Loot Shelf, experiences and free food. Why pay to eat when you can play?

More questions?

Bite Player Services is here to help! For order support or other questions, chat directly with us by tapping the question mark icon.  You can also send an email to